Saturday, January 17, 2015


Mexico is a great place to enjoy the tropics. It's a place where the dollar is still alive. At an exchange of between 11 to one an American can live like El Rey... Still dont drink the water !
Today's Mexico is bottled... Montezuma's revenge is an Old School souvenir. You can experience bespoke life or real small fishing village Mexico, which for me is the better way to see and feel Mexico. 
My first experience was as a young boy traveling with my mother... Acapulco, Taxico, Ixtapa on the west coast.. Amazing.... To the point where I had to meet mom at the airport... She was furious... I think I was 13... first time out in another country... I was lucky to meet people who were awesome and took me to the airport.
I later had a girlfriend who took me to Cancun... A broke struggling actor I jumped at the chance. I had $25 in my pocket and didn't look back. We stayed at El Pueblito... Went to my first Sr Frogs. 

These days working on cruise ships I go to Mexico about once a month... I've been to Tiahuana, Mexico City, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Encinada, Mazatlan, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Progresso which is Spanish for Italian soup, and a few others I can't remember at this time. My Spanish still sucks. Some of my favorite eateries in the world are in Cozumel... La Perlita ( for the ultimate Seafood ), Wet Wendy's & The Thirsty Cougar ( for the ultimate Margaritas ), Three Amigos and No Name Bar for the crew connects... All good spots... 
Wet Wendy's and The Cougar owned by my friends Clara & Chad former cruise employees themselves ... If you get there ya gotta tell 'em... Sr. Tortuga sent you!

Three Amigos

                                                                         La Perlita

                                                                     Wet Wendy's

Sunday, December 28, 2014


I'm blessed to have been born in Brooklyn... To be a Brooklynite. 
To most people it's a place of myths and dreams... The other part of New York they wanted to visit.. but didn't... Where the Kings Hip Hop are born.. One of the most famous bridges of the world... Lives there. 

I know so many people who have "been" to NYC and never crossed that bridge. Most folks go to Manhattan's Times Square and think they've seen NYC, which couldn't be further from the truth... That's like going to the moon and saying you've explored the universe. You ain't seen nothin',an' Ya been Nowhere! 
New York City is a city of islands... Brooklyn is on the edge of one of 'em...The 4th largest city in This Country! You can live in the projects, you can live on the beach, you can live in a penthouse, you can live on the street. It's all available. As far as American towns go BK is the place of legend. I think more celebrities have been born in Brooklyn than any other... Home of the Huxtables, the Cramdens the Bunkers and yes the Flintstone's (Bedrock was Brooklyn).
When I tell people I'm from Brooklyn faces change... Eyebrows go up, eyes widen, smiles appear as if to say " Wow, I finally met someone from Brooklyn"... Then they ask "Are you really from Brooklyn?" Sometimes someone says... " Hey Me Too!!!" at which time I'll say "What Part!!!" and it starts... It feels good... like meeting another club member.... We Compare notes,check high schools, streets, old haunts and memories becoming kindred spirits as we realize how far we've come or gone from Brooklyn. Like me, so many have moved to live in other cities so we speak with nostalgia on our tongues and a love in our eyes That's so obvious see and feel. For short periods of time we transport each other back in time to better days... It can start with the mention of a neighborhood or a street. Most recently it was Legion St. Sometimes it was Eastern Pkwy or Nostrand ave or Linden Blvd... I meet a lot of people from Canarsie where I graduated HS while living in Starrett City... Flatbush is often mentioned where I lived in the junction across from Brooklyn College. I was born in Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Sty) at St. John's hospital. First stop was St Marks Ave then we moved to Ebbets Field on Bedford Ave in Crown Heights. Honorable mention to Red Hook, Williamsburg, & East New York.
I've lived in many cities and states since then but wherever I was, I repped Brooklyn. My traveling has softened my accent but after a couple of beers it goes backondablock.
I still dream of living in Park Slope... I still lament when a summer passes without visiting Nathan's at Coney Island... I live in Philly now... An hour and a half away. Its close... It's close enough.
These days I live for love and that takes me all over the world... I keep Brooklyn in my heart.
There will always be a part of me that lives in Brooklyn... 
Wherever I am... It's who I am. Will it ever leave?
Yo Fagetaboubit!!!
believe that... I got a bridge I wanna sell Ya !

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Air Travel

Air travel today is something left to be desired... I'm the son of an AA retiree who's been flying since age 6. It used to be a real experience! You dressed well.You smoked 'em if you had 'em onboard (not so great), there were real lounges some with pianos with celebrities at the keys. People seemed happier and friendler. It really was something to be a jet setter... you were hip and it was a luxury that actually felt luxurious! In 1st class you got slippers,robes, pipes... kids got toys and tours... The flight attendants were drop dead gorgeous...the captain Pointed out points of interest as you flew over them. it sometimes felt like the flight itself was the vacation or destination. Family and friends waved bye to you from the gate... 
Today? We fly in fear. I just left an island the size of my block the plane fit six passengers... they went through my bag like and old lady looking for exact change in the grocery Store, Then patted me down without as much as a I'll call you later... I had to ask "y'all had Twin Towers too"?
On the connecting the flight the attendants names were Nana and gramps and they used the food carts as walkers "Would you like my teeth, I mean ice in your cocktail" ...The screaming children were given bullhorns. After being body scanned, bag scanned & searched, crotch invaded, reclined on, coughed on,kicked from behind, and pitched to, most of which was before i even boarded the aircraft. I felt like a Hunts Point Hooker on Holiday (if you're from NYC you know what I'm saying) I fly at least 30 times a year, the only thing that has stayed the same is change... Some for better some for worse.
Airline companies are merging or disappearing (PAN AM, TWA, Busters Crop Dusters etc.) Whole planes are disappearing, being shot at,missing each other by yards over airfields... Airports have turned into malls with planes and are constantly expanding. The personal touches are gone, the prices are higher...Sometime I wish Greyhound had wings or better yet I had wings... There would be no need to go through Atlanta unless I was going to Atlanta. I'd be in better physical shape and wouldn't worry about sitting next to someone who needed a seatbelt extender and half of my seat to enjoy their mini bag of nuts...
I want to enjoy my nuts too damn it ...Just sayin'... 
And when these flyin cars start taking off whoever's Ridin' shotgun better have polygrip!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Quick Lunch in Nassau

I Take a walk... I Rest
I'm sitting at McKenzie's... Shack #2, Under the bridge leaving Paradise Island... 
It's my favorite eatery in Nassau... 
Another shack (a tourist trap) called Two Brothers is a few shacks down as seen on TV's...
"Nooo Reservations"... They are way over priced and they need to get rid of a brother, cause they got rid of this brother QUICK!
McKenzie's is right next to Skinny's, first shack on the left,where the dominos are slammed with gusto, Kalik (the local beer) and a smart remark as every domino jumps from the table... 
The language is English but you'd never know it if you don't have an ear for patwah... 
Tourists don't come here... The Locals, Travelers, and Adventurers are who you find here... My drink? Coconut milk, Condensed milk mixed with Gin... Called "Sky Juice" and I know why... After a few of these and that's all you'll see as you are flat on your back, eyes wide open,with a big smile on your face. 
I've just finished my usual... A dozen conch fritters ($4) and I'll take a double order of Conch salad back with me to the ship... 
It's raining now... It Brings a cool tingle to the skin... Thank you Sky juice...hhmmm
  Conch Salad & Sky Juice

  Behind De Shack... Conch an' Fish Mon!


I'll wait a minute and walk back to the ship... Tropical Sunshowers... One of the perks when 
Your'e On the Road...

Friday, October 3, 2014

What a Sept.
Started on the Carnival Pride then the Carnival Triumph,back from its infamous "Poop Cruise" which I missed by one cruise... Shit!
"It's All About Love" was released and met with great reception. 
Folks out of Texas and Florida sold out the live Stand Up set. I autographed each and every one, meeting some great people along the way ( imagine that... Great people in Texas...hehe )
Mid month Dessy and I weekended at Lake George N.Y. Post season, for my birthday
we had the lake to our selves A true recharge of spirit...Then off to Dubai to see family and friends and a bit of networking... The City in the desert.... Architecture that is not to be believed, each skyscraper more unique, more majestic than the other... 
Went to Trader Vic's and drank Tiki Puka Puka and ate some amazing Poki till we salsa danced. 
Ate Fries and Mustard with friends at Irish Pub... Pllayed with the Burg Kalifa 
Dubai is the true jewel of the Middle East. 
I'm blessed to have a love hate relationship with this City Kingdom... or Kingdom City
Either way I Plan to bring some comedy there soon.
As I head back to the States I look forward to hitting the stage with new insights and ideas... and rises. I leave for Charleston in the mornin'...Mission: The Fantasy.
Always... On The Road!
 Chillin'in the Desert with Dessy & Rali

  At The Irish Pub


Thursday, August 14, 2014

       SO... It's been a year and a half since I have posted... I'd like to say I was THAT Busy... I wasn't
Alot has happened... Alot didn't happen.
  Many things that were supposed to happen happened...Many things that wern't suppose to happen happened... Many things that were supposed to happen didn't happen, just as, Many things that weren't supposed to happen happened...and had to happen, and not ALL that happened had happy endings...HA! Hardly!
  All in All, things are very good Thank God! I thank God every day I remember to do so.
I Love my Mother I Love my Wife I Love my Ike. (the cat)

... And since my last post...Life is Infinately better... I Love a whole lot deeper now ... It's You Desi!

  And Lovin' what I do... lovin' life "On the Road".

 The Carnival Pride... and The Triumph are up next for August & September!

"It's All About Love"... The DVD... is set for an early Indian Summer Release!
...still got a few days... I'll do 'em with the fam... and like any new journey
I'll start from Home...

Monday, February 4, 2013