Sunday, January 3, 2021

The Saga Continues...

 It's the first Sunday of 2021... feels the same as 2020.

 Bon fire with new friends last night was unexpectedly fun. Starting the year ablaze... the analogy is there the fire is cool and burning old embers. Thank God for friends. they call you, some like you, some even marry you from time to time. 

2021 begins pandemically unemployed. the cruise industry in need in a major conceptual overhaul. Entertainers are challenged to maintain status, creativity, connectivity and monetary embellishments generally speaking, life in these untied trumped up United States. I watched half of CBS Sunday Morning, some Meet The Press some other depressing news spots... oatmeal and combustibles for breakfast. 

The last nine months has really stifled my "doing". I've been doing a lot of watching. I Did some out of the house errands, back home, lunched on two hot dogs (vegan) with the works. Chocolate chip cookies for dinner. Isn't that the lightest meal of the day?

 Tonight... Return of the Jedi.


Monday, June 1, 2020

Pandemic Blog #1

It's the last Sunday of May 2020. The world has changed since my last blog. Derrick Eason is not in the road Derrick Eason is on the couch!

 Having chosen a profession that relies on the very things that may kill you and I (I thought it would be the jokes) I must find another way to die.
 Yelling at a cop in between gasps of pepper spray on the front lines of a four hundred year systematic problem?
 Alone in the woods or hunkered down somewhere with loved ones, toilet paper and jigsaw puzzles at the ready? Maybe I'll stand less than six feet to everyone and close talk calming quotes to strangers.

  I prefer the old fashioned stand on a stage in a crowded room and spout brain waves. it was fun and the crowded rooms seem to enjoy it too. I did the killing, lot less people died some times just me there was the occasional spittle that flew from my face. I called it a souvenir, again no tests or quarantine necessary. the audience graciously ignored my airborne mucus some slightly adjusted their seating while chuckling.
  Today one must be much more creative and tech savvy in sending amoebas to patrons and sating the need to destroy hecklers. I'm working on it.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

First Cruise of the Year!

 Well the first quarter of 2020 alone quickly trumped the whole of 2019

I'm once again on board a Carnival cruise ship (the Fascination) out of Galveston,TX.

 I did a 10:30 half hour set, watched the ball drop in NY, called my wife and finished packing my bags. I had to be on another ship (the Fantasy) out of Mobile,AL. on the first and I had a long travel day ahead of me. Traveling in the Gulf, I never know what to expect so without expectations I'm rarely yet often pleasantly surprised. not this day.

 From Costa Maya, Mexico to Houston, Texas not bad. I miss the connecting flight to Mobile. At 7 pm It's the last of the night. I have to overnight in Houston. Customer service re-book flight, find a hotel, get to the hotel. It's the wrong hotel. Same name wrong end of the road and Texas has some long ass roads. I Get to the room by 9:30 pm. order take out. delivery person has no change. I say "I'll wait!". I have a 7 am flight Alabama I'm back at the airport at 5 am. The place is empty and the fog is thick, so thick that the flight doesn't leave till noon. I'm the last crew member on board. I have an  11:30 pm show. I'm heckled by a front row redneck named Tubby. The ship never leaves the dock due to the fog.

 Tubby the heckler showed his worth. Next night I'm watching my colleague's set. She goes into crossover material (jokes with same subject, premise or concept). Tubby used that time that I would've used that material. She needed it more than I did. A fresh to cruising young Jewish lesbian from NY on a ship out of Mobile, Alabama! She need every bit she had.
  Gemma our #punchlinercomedyclub manager is a natural comedian. She's a test tube baby from Singapore. She says "I had a womb with a view". You know they didn't get it!

 We were going to Progresso and Cozumel Mexico. It becomes a cruise to nowhere. My cold is in full effect but manageable. the ship is in the north gulf of Mexico. it's cold, the seas are rough and full of whitecaps. The skies are gray and brittle. I stay in my cabin as much as possible. seems this ship has a bug also as most of the crew display the same symptoms as I. Ships are incubators and hold whatever germs are brought aboard well for all to share. I spend as much time as possible in fresh air on the open decks away from people. Great practice for what was soon to come.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Refocusing in 2020

Forgive me friend for I have sinned,

It's been five years since the last post. Ten years since the first.

Happy 2020.

 Half a Decade! I'm minus forty pounds, plus a poodle and some metal in my spine . I have been thrown back to the streets reconnected with the roots of what and why I do it.

 The cruise industry has been very very good to me. When immersed it's thoroughly rewarding and extremely isolating add the buffet and never ending pizza, I ate Complacent lazy gravy and lost my drive. Not hungry enough, I lost ground at sea.

I begin the second decade of the second millennium doing' open mics, local gigs, teaching a stand up comedy workshop and upping my writing and networking skills. Create! That's what I'll do, I'll create, with the addition of 30 years of experience. Restructure and reroute. Create that brand.

It's all new again... 11:45 and I'm waiting for four minutes.

I'm zippin' up my boots!
Goin" back to my roots!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Mexico is a great place to enjoy the tropics. It's a place where the dollar is still alive. At an exchange of between 11 to one an American can live like El Rey... Still dont drink the water !
Today's Mexico is bottled... Montezuma's revenge is an Old School souvenir. You can experience bespoke life or real small fishing village Mexico, which for me is the better way to see and feel Mexico. 
My first experience was as a young boy traveling with my mother... Acapulco, Taxico, Ixtapa on the west coast.. Amazing.... To the point where I had to meet mom at the airport... She was furious... I think I was 13... first time out in another country... I was lucky to meet people who were awesome and took me to the airport.
I later had a girlfriend who took me to Cancun... A broke struggling actor I jumped at the chance. I had $25 in my pocket and didn't look back. We stayed at El Pueblito... Went to my first Sr Frogs. 

These days working on cruise ships I go to Mexico about once a month... I've been to Tiahuana, Mexico City, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Encinada, Mazatlan, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Progresso which is Spanish for Italian soup, and a few others I can't remember at this time. My Spanish still sucks. Some of my favorite eateries in the world are in Cozumel... La Perlita ( for the ultimate Seafood ), Wet Wendy's & The Thirsty Cougar ( for the ultimate Margaritas ), Three Amigos and No Name Bar for the crew connects... All good spots... 
Wet Wendy's and The Cougar owned by my friends Clara & Chad former cruise employees themselves ... If you get there ya gotta tell 'em... Sr. Tortuga sent you!

Three Amigos

                                                                         La Perlita

                                                                     Wet Wendy's